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Searching for his own independence, Karl Moor – one of the protagonists of Friedrich Schiller’s drama “Die Räuber” (= The robbers)* decides to follow a bunch of robbers and to live in the woods. Joining a bunch of robbers belongs to the more absurd and romantic alternatives of handling the feeling of insecurity and uncertainty that dominates our time.

Young authors from Germany, Latvia and Poland deal with the transformation of the social reality in their countries, cities or their living quarters in the form of reportages and essays. They enter the scenes of social life and describe how especially the young generation currently acts between social insecurity and the search for their own independence. The contributions of stories of very tangible people, groups and milieus display those problems that especially hit the young generation and how they deal with them. The environment of one’s own personal life can be picked as central theme just as much as the interest for the circumstances of other people’s lives.

The contributions will first be published in culture magazines in Germany, Latvia and Poland. Following the project a trilingual edition of the generated texts will be published.

The authors will be invited to a workshop to Weimar.
In Latvia the project will be carried out in the form of a competition.
In Germany and Poland 3 young authors will be invited to participate in the project.

The project is supported by the European Commission within the scope of “Look at this!” and takes place in cooperation with “Schiller 05 e.V.” Weimar, “Tarba” Riga and the Theatre “Laznia Nowa” Krakow in Poland.

* For 2007 Latvian and German artists are planning a theatre and media project about „Die Räuber“ by Friedrich Schiller and the first Latvian adaptation of Janis Peitans.


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Award Ceremony in Goethe Institut Riga


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